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Illuminated One
Location Illumination Academy Stacks
Species Mournful Aegis
Health (?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Illuminated One

The Illuminated One is a being that was freed from the Illuminus by Glardir, whom it goes on to possess, setting into motion the events of the quest Illusions of Grandeur. The creature enchanted the students of the academy to reenact moments from stories, and even tried to "write" one of its own during the quest.

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Place the first book:

Illuminated One: "No! You ruined it!"

Reach the second book:

Illuminated One: "Phantom warriors closed in on all sides! The hero was sure to perish!"

Place the second book:

Illuminated One: "Argh! Stop interrupting!"

Reach the third book:

Illuminated One: "Then came a bellow, and a blast of chill wind! The hero's fate was sealed!"

Place the third book:

Illuminated One: "Ugh! You just won't stop, will you?"

Upon replacing the books that give the Illuminated One power, you'll find Glardir in the clutches of the being:

Glardir: "No more! Get … out of my head!"
Illuminated One: "Gladly! You're boring, just like the rest! I'll finish this hero myself!"
Glardir: "I can't …. Is it gone?"

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