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Online:High Ordinator Danys

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High Ordinator Danys
Location Gil-Var-Delle
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 34,501
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Wakening Dark
Faction(s) Ordinators
High Ordinator Danys

High Ordinator Danys is a Dark Elf ordinator sent by Almalexia herself to restore order to Gil-Var-Delle.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Approaching him:

"So you have come, the vision holds true."

You will find him kneeling on a ledge above the ruined city:

"Stay your hand and hear my words. Dominion, Pact, Covenant—you're like schoolchildren fighting over marbles, while the world around you is on fire."
What do you mean? Who are you?
"I am the most humble servant to the blessed goddess Almalexia. Her divine vision foresaw your coming, as in a dream.
We share a common enemy. That does not make us friends, but it does make us allies."
A common enemy?
"The Prince of Schemes, the Harvester of Souls. Do not force me to speak his name.
One of his Dark Anchors has planted itself in the ruins of what was once the town Gil-Var-Delle. Those who came to destroy it have gone missing. We must find them."
If they oppose Molag Bal, I'll help you look for them.
"Good. We will set aside differences for the sake of Tamriel.
We need to know what happened here, and surviving members of the group sent to destroy the Dark Anchor will know best. We must split up and search."

Asking further questions about his mission:

Tell me more about Almalexia.
"She is our Merciful Healing Mother, divine goddess of the Tribunal of Morrowind, who I am sworn to serve. Though occupied with the war that rages on, her compassion extends to all when it comes to the vile Prince of Schemes."
You mentioned she sent you to find me. How could that be?
"My goddess possesses many gifts, not the least of which is her sight. She saw you were crucial to what must happen here, and that your hatred of the Prince of Schemes burns almost as deeply as her own."
Who are the people we're trying to find?
"Allies recruited by Almalexia to aid me in opposing the Harvester of Souls, plucked from the best of the Fighters Guild across Tamriel. Every one of them experienced at destroying Dark Anchors, which is what makes their disappearance so troubling."
What can you tell me about Gil-Var-Delle?
"Perhaps you have heard the song in the taverns: 'Oh, Gil-Var-Delle, your name is desolation on my lips.'
Once, a thriving Wood Elf town was nestled here, full of life and music. Until he came."
"The Harvester of Souls claimed them all, reaping every last soul. Almalexia saw the horror as it unfolded, but could do nothing.
Her memory is long and her compassion burns like the sun. She sent a group of us to destroy the Dark Anchor here."

As you head into the area, he'll shout:

High Ordinator Danys: "We have a better chance of finding them if we split up and search different areas. I'll meet you later."

Enter the Abandoned Cave and he will have caught up with you. He'll spot a survivor:

High Ordinator Danys: "Meva! Are you all right?"

After getting Meva's story, he'll vow to protect the woman:

High Ordinator Danys: "Don't worry, Meva. I'll see you safely away from this place."
Meva Nelenim: "Nonsense. You and your friend here must destroy the Dark Anchor, or the others died in vain."
High Ordinator Danys: "You always put yourself last, don't you?"

He'll then turn back to you:

High Ordinator Danys: "Meva's account of the fangs gives me an idea."

Listening to his idea to stop the dark anchor:

"Of course, the Fangs! It all makes sense now. Blessed Almalexia had a vision that the Prince of Schemes had sunk his teeth into the ground at Gil-Var-Delle.
The fangs she saw in her vision must be the devices Meva described."
Did she see how to destroy them?
"Have you ever seen a goddess cry? It is a terrible thing to behold … so perfect a face, marred by so many tears.
Almalexia's tears for Gil-Var-Delle crystallized into a beautiful gem, filled with all her fury directed at the Harvester of Souls."
What's the point of this story?
"A goddess never suffers without purpose. The gem can destroy the Fangs of Chaos.
Blessed Almalexia warned me that no mortal could wield the gem without also being destroyed by her rage. She told me to wait for the soulless, deathless one. You."
What must I do?
"Take Almalexia's Tear. Destroy the Worm Cultists. Their blood will awaken her fury.
Once my goddess's fury is released from the gem, nothing, not even these Fangs of Chaos, will withstand it. I will remain at your side to see this through."

If you try to talk to him, he'll only say:

"This is no time for idle talk. We need to destroy the Fangs of Chaos to weaken the Dark Anchor!"

Destroy the last of the fangs:

"Without the Fangs, the Anchor is vulnerable. Let us fling these vile creatures from our world!"

Finally, destroy the dark anchor:

"It is done. The Harvester of Souls' presence is receding from the land, though it is likely that this place will be forever scarred."
Won't the Worm Cult just try to reclaim this place?
"They will try, but without the Daedra or the link to Coldharbour, destroying the remaining Worm Cultists will be quick work.
I will warn the Dominion of what they attempted with the Fangs of Chaos. It will not be allowed to happen again."

After the quest, he will bid farewell to you:

High Ordinator Danys: "I must send word to the Dominion of what transpired here."
High Ordinator Danys: "Almalexia sees great things from you, but whether good or bad, I can't say. Thank you for your help."
High Ordinator Danys: "If we meet again, I hope it is as allies once more. Farewell."

High Ordinator Danys will leave you to your thoughts and fade into the distance.