Elder Scrolls Online: People
HomeĀ Settlement Deepwoods
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Henilien is a Bosmer lookout found at the entrance of Deepwoods.

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She stops you by the village.

"Come no closer! Why do you approach Deepwoods?"
I'm just a traveler exploring the area.
"You might not look like a Houndsman, but I don't trust you. I don't know who to trust any longer.
Good thing the pilgrims stopped coming to pray at Deepwoods's shrine to the Green Lady."
What happened?
"Werewolves. Took Lanwaen, the Green Lady's sister, in the night. No one goes far from the village.
Why don't you talk to Treethane Nilara? She'll know right off if you're with them, or with us."
I'll talk to Treethane Nilara. Where will I find her?/Where's Treethane Nilara?
"Treethane Nilara may be praying at the Green Lady's shrine in the middle of the village.
She tried to convince people to search for Lanwaen, but we're not strong enough to face a pack of werewolves or Houndsmen."
Who is the Green Lady?
"The Green Lady personifies our feral nature. She consorts with the Silvenar to balance the Bosmer's emotional and physical sides.
Several residents of Deepwoods have received the title. Gwaering's the most recent."
Who's the Silvenar?
"The Silvenar is the Green Lady's consort. He's our spiritual leader. Their marriage balances the Bosmer's inner and outer senses."
Who are the Houndsmen?
"They serve the Hound, Hircine's mortal agent. We don't know why, but lately they've been camping near Hircine's shrine not far from here.
I don't personally believe it's good to keep company with Daedric Princes."

Speaking to her again:

"Go to the village.
I thought I'd seen everything as a guard, but Houndsmen and werewolves are more than I'd bargained for."