Online:Grisly Mummy Tabby

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The reason behind the creation of this tabby was simple: Cats kill rodents. Mummified and mobile cats will kill rodents indefinitely. Thus this bandage-bound pet was … born?
Grisly Mummy Tabby
ON-icon-pet-Grisly Mummy Tabby.png
Grisly Mummy Tabby
Type Exotic
Default Name Mewmy
Acquired From Combine 10 Mummified Alfiq Parts

The Grisly Mummy Tabby is acquired by finding and using ten Mummified Alfiq Parts from the Rimmen Necropolis Public Dungeon. Its default name is "Mewmy".



  • Despite requiring Alfiq parts to assemble this pet, the tabby appears to be a regular cat rather than an Alfiq.


There is one achievement associated with this pet.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Alfiq Mummy Master.png Alfiq Mummy Master 10 Gather Mummified Alfiq Parts from the Rimmen Necropolis and resurrect the Grisly Mummy Tabby.