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Goharth Ironbelly
Home City Riften
Location The Withered Tree
Riften Ratway
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Goharth Ironbelly

Goharth Ironbelly is a Nord merchant found in Riften. While helping Lyris Titanborn investigate the Icereach Coven, his name will appear as a possible lead.

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Quest Related EventsEdit

While investigating the Icereach Coven, Lyris will find a note on one of the vampires who ambushed her which mentions Goharth as a supplier to the coven. He can apparently be found at the Withered Tree in Riften and is the best lead you have so far. Travel to the inn with Lyris and she ask you to remain inconspicuous when he arrives.

After she walks to the bar, Goharth will arrive and the following scene will play out:

Goharth Ironbelly: "Ah, good lizard! I'll take a pint of your finest ale!"
<He then notices Lyris who is turned away from him.>
Goharth Ironbelly: "And what have we here? You're a strapping lass! Let Old Ironbelly buy you a drink or two? What do you say?"
Lyris Titanborn: "Not interested."
Goharth Ironbelly: "Not interested? Goharth Ironbelly never takes no for an answer."
<Goharth finds himself prone on the floor beneath your companion.>
"Go away, little man, before I break you."
Lyris Titanborn: "Go away, little man, before I break you."
<Goharth quickly turns around and leaves the inn.>
Goharth Ironbelly: "I beg your pardon! But things will be different after that witch lives up to her promise."

You can then follow the merchant through the city to the Ratway entrance. If you get too close to him Gorharth will stop and admonish you:

Goharth Ironbelly: "No handouts today. Get lost!"
Goharth Ironbelly: "You better not be following me, you horker!"
Goharth Ironbelly: "You again? Get out of here before I call the guards."
Goharth Ironbelly: "I'm warning you! Goharth Ironbelly isn't someone to trifle with!"

Once inside, continue to follow his trail through the tunnels and you'll eventually find him. He will be standing on a grate on the floor above and you will have reached him in time to eavesdrop on his meeting:

Sister Balra: "Were you followed, Ironbelly?"

His response depends on how often you were seen by him. If he didn't spot you at all:

Goharth Ironbelly: "Of course not, Sister Balra. My caution is legendary."

If he spotted you a few times:

Goharth Ironbelly: "I thought I saw someone Sister Balra, but I lost them."

If he spotted you many times and confronted you:

Goharth Ironbelly: "There was an incident, but I took care of it, Sister Balra."
The final fate of Goharth Ironbelly
Sister Balra: "And have the arrangements I requested been made?"
Goharth Ironbelly: "The fliers have been distributed. And your friend with the fangs?"
Sister Balra: "Busy, I'm afraid."
Goharth Ironbelly: "You promised a vampire would turn me! Make good on our deal or I'll report this to the jarl!"
Sister Balra: "You'll do nothing of the sort."
<Balra attacks him and Goharth falls dead on the grating.>
Sister Balra: "Greedy fool outlived his usefulness."

After retrieving the key that fell through the grate, you can reach his body upstairs and Sister Balra will be long gone. After reading the pamphlet, you will have found an important clue for your investigation.