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Ghost Snake
(lore page)
HomeĀ Settlement Vale of the Ghost Snake
Location Fang Spires
Species Giant Snake
Health 31364
Reaction Friendly
The Ghost Snake

The Ghost Snake is a spirit that takes the form of a giant snake, worshipped by the Mabrigash in the Vale of the Ghost Snake.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

After you offer ten Bog Rats at the Fang Spires, the Ghost Snake will appear.

"Your offering pleases me."
There really is a Ghost Snake!
"The warm-blood was sent by those who honor and protect this Vale. Most curious."
The Mabrigash asked me to seek your counsel.
"Every path leads in two directions: into light and into darkness.
Light and dark. Good and evil. Sunlight and shadow. Two sides to all things, little warm-blood."
What does that mean?
"Ssssss! Let me show you!"

Speaking to it again before defeating the Shadow Snake:

"How curious to see a creature like you."

Speaking to it after defeating the Shadow Snake:

"The warm-blood is skillful and cunning."
Will you help the Mabrigash now?
"The Mabrigash must make their own choices. Connect with the world outside or remain isolated. It is never only light or shadow.
As long as they honor my kin and I, they are free to do as they please."
Won't the Vale change if they choose to give up their isolation?
"Some can stay isolated in the Vale or some may choose the outside world. Two sides of the same path.
The merchant's presence has already changed the Vale. What happens next is inevitable."
What about you?
"I am the Ghost Snake. I am both constant and ever-changing. One thing to you. Another, perhaps, to the Mabrigash.
Aid the Mabrigash as you will. The choice is yours to make. I can send you back to the Farseer. She waits for you at her tent."
I'm ready to go back now.
<You are teleported back to the Mabrigash camp.>
I'd like to look around first.
<Ends the conversation.>

Exiting the conversation and speaking to the Ghost Snake again:

"Good luck in your travels, warm-blood."
I'm ready to go back now.