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Location Arano Plantation
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Ghamosh, full name "gro-Betnikh", is an Orc prisoner being forced to work the Arano Plantation by Marshal Hlaren.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Scarlet Judge asks you to talk to one of the prisoners at the plantations south of Suran, Ghamosh is one of them:

"Stay your lash, slaver. I work. Whipping me will not motivate me further."
Can you tell me what's going on here?
"Can I? Yes. Will I? No. Not until Overseer Torvayn is dead. He's already spotted you, I know it. If he finds out I've spoken to you, I'm as good as dead.
Kill Torvayn. Then we can talk."

Speaking with him again:

"I'll not suffer another lashing from Overseer Torvayn. He may well kill me the next time. Off with you."

Once you've "retired" Torvayn, he'll be glad to talk to you:

"I saw you strike down Overseer Torvayn. Well fought, friend. If ever an Elf had it coming, it was Torvayn."
Will you tell me how you became a prisoner?
"I was taking a deposit to the bank. A week's worth of coin—fairly earned. Marshal Hlaren accosted me and seized it. Accused me of stealing from some farmer outside town.
The farmer's dead of course, but who needs witnesses when an Orc's to blame?"
Have you seen anything I can use against her? Anything specific?
"Maybe. These damned Dark Elves think I'm nothing but an animal—some don't even think I can speak. Makes them careless around me.
Mistress Dren's been shouting about the quality of her "laborers." You might find something of value in her manor."
I'll search her manor and bring your testimony to someone who can help.

Speaking with him again:

"I'd walk softly if I were you. You're one false accusation away from joining us here."

After the completion of the quest, he can be found in Suran, speaking with one of his past fellow prisoners. He'll thank you for your part in the events that led to him regaining his freedom:

"Yesterday, I was a slave. Today, I am free. Know that you have the gratitude of Ghamosh gro-Bethnikh for as long as you draw breath.
As for me, I've had enough of this island. I'm bound for Orsinium. Farewell."
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