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Filer Ool
Location Infinite Archive, Index Chamber
Species Watchling
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant
Filer Ool

Filer Ool is a watchling that can be found in the Infinite Archive Index Chamber only after completing a Cycle. She has a number of unique wares to sell for Archival Fortunes.


She has wares to sell in the archive:

"I hope you don't have your mind set on any one thing. The archive doesn't provide a steady supply of anything apart from books.
You mortals are supposedly good at adapting. I hope you're not an exception."
"Don't ask about what's in those jars. Filer Eru is in charge of this section and he thought they looked jolly content here.
You can ask about my wares. I file those so I know where they should go."
"You see this area and you know there's something interesting here. Not like the spot Filer Tezurs claimed.
Plus, I have more variety of stock. See for yourself."
"Ah, a mortal. If you want to survive out there in the endless, it's good you stopped here.
Take a breath. Look around. Buy something. Your life's too short to go running into danger without the necessary precautions."
"I would sell you a map of the Endless Archive, but it won't fit on your mortal papers.
Besides, the scribes who went in there last haven't returned. You'll just have to be content with everything else I have available."
"Don't complain to me if you want something that's not available. Mortals and their lack of patience. It's like you haven't waited an eon to set your eyes on the book you really need.
So, yes. Take a look, but don't complain."
"I had to use magic to carry everything over here. Which wasn't too difficult, but it still required effort.
All I'm saying is it'd be rude of you not to purchase something."


Filer Ool's inventory rotates weekly.
The Current Year is 2024.

For previous listings, see:

Current WeekEdit

Icon Name Value Date Notes
  Archival Essay: Bal Foyen Treasure Map 00020002,000  2024/07/18
  Bound Style Page: Slimecraw Shoulder 001500015,000  2024/07/18
  Bound Affix Script: Evasion 001000010,000  2024/06/21
  Bound Affix Script: Magickasteal 001000010,000  2024/07/18
  Bound Focus Script: Generate Ultimate 001500015,000  2024/07/18
  Bound Signature Script: Anchorite's Cruelty 002000020,000  2024/07/18
  Companion Equipment: Light Armor 00050005,000  2024/07/18
  Disgusting Spoils 00070007,000  2024/07/18
  Ceporah's Insight Clue 00040004,000  2024/07/18
  Coral Haj Mota Decoy 00040004,000  2024/07/18
  Lead: Inkwood Box 00050005,000  2024/07/18
  Lead: Inclined Dwarven Paneling 00050005,000  2024/07/18
  Dusksaber Report 00010001,000  2024/07/18 You must have unlocked this lore book in the Lore Library to purchase this reward.
  The Legend of Fathoms Drift 00010001,000  2024/07/18 You must have unlocked this lore book in the Lore Library to purchase this reward.
This indicates the first full day on which the item was available for sale. Depending on your time zone, items may become available earlier on the previous day. Rotating items remain available for the full week when they are released.

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