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Faven Thendas
HomeĀ Settlement Suran
Store Caravaner Tower
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Caravaner
Faven Thendas

Faven Thendas is a Dark Elf caravaner who can be found at the Caravaner Tower in Suran. He is pleasant and is encouraged to see outlanders taking an interest in the silt striders.


If you are a non-Dunmer, he will take care to reassure them:

"I'm glad an outlander such as yourself is taking an interest in silt strider traveling. You'll find it far more reliable than the typical caravan.
Where would you like to go today?"
"There's much preparation to do for a silt strider journey, but we're just about ready to leave.
Would you care to join us?"
"There's no need to be frightened. Silt striders are very calm creatures, and generations of Dark Elves have used them for travel. Why, I'm the fifth in a line of proud caravaners.
Where can I take you today?"

If you are a Dunmer, he will remain polite but offer less explanation:

"Good day, f'lah. Silt striders are a reliable, fast, and very abundant form of transportation here in Vvardenfell. We make frequent trips on them throughout the day.
By any chance, do you wish to travel with us today?"
"Many depend on our services for travel. We're far more reliable than your typical caravan, that's for sure. Not many creatures wish to face off against a silt strider.
Would you like to journey with us?"
"The Dark Elves in this town are a suspicious lot. Always talking about this Scarlet Judge of theirs. Honestly, I wouldn't know this figure if they asked me for a ride.
Are you interested in traveling today?"

In response you can ask him where he travels to:

Where does your silt strider go, if I may ask?
"Sorry, I forgot that not everyone knows how to tell a silt strider apart. My great creature can take you to Vivec City, Seyda Neen, or Molag Mar.
Are you interested in any of these destinations?"
I'd like to go to Seyda Neen.
I'd like to go to Vivec City.
I'd like to go to Molag Mar.