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ON-icon-achievement-Eye See You!.png Eye See You!
Type Infinite Archive Achievements
Points 15
Needed for No Book Left Unread
Complete all difficulties related to the Filer's Wing optional content.

Eye See You! is rewarded for completing all 5 difficulties of the Filer's Wing challenge in the Infinite Archive. Once you enter the Filer's Wing, Filer Kor will turn you into a watchling and you will have to navigate a maze of booknados and Abyssal Tendrils to find and kill Tomeshells. Once you have found one, press your first ability key to attack it.

Once you are transformed, you skill bar will change to the follow skills:

  • 1 - AoE Attack
  • 2 - Makes the Tomeshells visible through walls for a limited time.
  • 3 - Speed Boost
  • 4 - Frontal AoE Stun
  • 5 - Drops black goo behind you

You have a limited amount of health and will be unable to heal if you are damaged. If you lose all your health the challenge is failed, but it does not count towards your Thread of Fate count.

With each difficulty acquires additional features:

Difficulty 1
Need to find and kill one Tomeshell, avoid tentacles and booknados.
Difficulty 2
Need to find and kill two Tomeshells, Hushed Ravagers will appear in Filer's Wing to chase and attack you.
Difficulty 3
Difficulty 4
Difficulty 5
Need to find and kill four Tomeshells, 2 Hushed Ravagers can spawn at the same time

What changes between difficulties, how do difficulties change?

Earning this achievement will allow you to purchase the "Filer Kor's Truesight" upgrade from Filer Tezurs' shop for 002500025,000Archival Fortunes.

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