Presumably, this is where the scholars of the old Eldbur Monastery gathered for meditation and reflection. It looks like it, anyway, but something doesn't feel right….
Eldbur Sanctuary
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Discoverable No
Oriandra, K'Tora
Yaghra Nightmare, Warrior, Dessicated Warrior, Dessicated Fire Mage, Dessicated Archer, Glow Bug, Nixad, frog, Yaghra Spewer
Eldbur Sanctuary

Eldbur Sanctuary is an Aldmeri ruin in eastern Summerset. Connected to the Eldbur Ruins, it has been occupied by K'Tora, who has been imprisoning adventurers within his Mind Trap.

Related QuestsEdit

Eldbur SanctuaryEdit

Eldbur RuinsEdit

Eldbur Ruins

The Mind TrapEdit

The Mind Trap

Glow Bugs and Nixads can be found here.

The TowerEdit

The Tower

A transparent simulacrum of the Ceporah Tower.

Prisoner's HoldEdit

A small room outside the ruins, found on the surface of eastern Summerset. There are several urns and a backpack you can loot here. Tinaducil can be found outside, examining some dead Yaghra.


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