Online: People
Location Southwest of Reticulated Spine Dolmen
Race Kothringi Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Desha is a Kothringi scout watching the road northeast of Stillrise Village for Worm Cult necromancers.

Related QuestsEdit


"Shhh! Stop making so much noise."
"Keep still, or the Worm Cult will spot you! What are you doing here?"
Passing through. Why are you hiding from necromancers?
"Be still! Their patrols are everywhere.
Chieftain Suhlak leads Stillrise Village. She'll tell you more than you want to know about the necromancers plaguing our home. And keep your head down, will you?"
I'll do that.

Speaking after accepting the quest from her:

"If you stay here, the Worm Cult will see us. Go chat with the chieftain Suhlak if you're looking for conversation.
Do me a favor? When you leave, don't step on any twigs."