Online:Defiled Aegis

Elder Scrolls Online: Creatures
Defiled Aegis
Location Bahraha's Gloom
Species Mournful Aegis
Health 60370
Reaction Hostile
A Defiled Aegis

Defiled Aegis are a variant of Mournful Aegis. They are suits of armor reanimated by the Bleak Veil necromancers in Bahraha's Gloom. One of them patrols the entrance to Bahraha's Gloom, and another patrols the ledge in the final chamber with the waterfall.


Singing Slice
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
Dissonant Blow
A heavy melee attack that does moderate physical damage. This attack can be blocked to set the aegis off-balance.
Symphony of Blades
The aegis spins around, doing moderate physical damage over time as indicated by a red circle.