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Centurion Gavo
Home City Arenthia
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 10461
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Legion of the West Weald
Centurion Gavo

Centurion Gavo is an Imperial member of the Legion of the West Weald found in the city of Arenthia.

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Quest Related EventsEdit

Once you're in position at the top of the tower, you'll hear Gavo arrive in the district down below:

Highland Sentry : "Centurion Gavo! Good day, sir."
Centurion Gavo : "At ease, soldier. A good day indeed!"
Highland Sentry : "Back from the docks, sir?"
Centurion Gavo : "Yes. Inventory went well."
Centurion Gavo : "I'll be in the tower. Make sure I'm not disturbed."
Highland Sentry : "No interruptions. Yes, sir."

Gavo comes up to the top of the tower and addresses you:

Centurion Gavo : "You must be the Tharn's contact?"
"The Divines bless and keep you on this glorious day!"
Yes, good to meet you.
"Believe me, the pleasure is all mine! I never thought I'd have a chance to work with the illustrious Tharn family. If my old mother could see me now …."
I'm supposed to get an update on how things are progressing?
"Very well so far! We're taking stock of what we've managed to recover from the city in terms of material. I just came from reviewing our progress on the docks."
Very good. I think you'll do nicely, Centurion.

Meanwhile Cariel has snuck up behind the soldier and knocks him out cold.

Centurion Gavo disguised as the prisoner

Kidnapping Centurion Gavo:

Centurion Gavo: "What... what happened? Who are you?"
Cariel: "Another word and you're dead. Get up."This is your escort. Follow them, and don't speak.
Cariel: "You won't see me, but I'll be watching. Try anything and you'll be the first to die."
Cariel: "Nod if you understand me."

<he nods>

Cariel: "Such a good boy!"
Cariel: "He's all yours! I'll go on ahead, but I'll be nearby."

Back at the safehouse, Kazirra interrogates the Centurion: Use the crystal on the soldier:

Kazirra : "Tell us what you're doing here. Who is behind the attack on Arenthia?"
Centurion Gavo: "We are in league with the Stonefire Cult. The cultists are here! They are hidden behind the walls of the temple district. They're performing a ritual; preparing the way for a dark anchor. They work to the dark orders of Javad Tharn, the necromancer."
Kazirra : "Just what we needed."

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