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Location North of Ninendava
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Angmund is a Nord priest of Hermaeus Mora found at a stone circle just north of Ninendava. He lives in a nearby ruined house.


He mistakens you for a servant of Hermaeus Mora when you speak to him.

"At last, a messenger! Welcome, oh winged deliverer. What does my prince have to say to me, after all these years?"
Your prince?
"Indeed, the divine Hermaeus Mora, from whom all blessings flow. Long has the Prince of Fate tested me in this wasteland, but now he has found me worthy to worship him in Apocrypha, has he not?"
Yes, he has.
"I knew these years of deprivation would win him over! But I have to prepare. I must study more of the Daedric Princes so that I can aid my lord in his struggles for power. More research is needed—he will understand."
No, he hasn't.
"No matter. I will double my devotions! None shall worship him as fervently as I. He will see and will draw me to him with a tender tentacle, setting me among his endless forbidden libraries, to study forever."