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Acolyte Krem
Location East of Muth Gnaar, on the hills near Andaren House
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Acolyte Krem

Acolyte Krem is a Dunmer cleric near Muth Gnaar in Deshaan. He disappears from the game after the quest is complete.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

You can find him mourning over corpses east of Muth Gnaar.

"I was so not ready for this. Tribunal save us!"
Do you need help?
"Help? It's too late for that. We were caring for the afflicted when the Vereansu attacked us without warning. They killed everyone in the Muth Gnaar monastery and set everything on fire. They threw people into the flames!"
Who are the Vereansu?
"They're heathen Ashlanders outside the light and protection of the Tribunal!
I can't bear to think about it any more. If you really want to help, find Healer Senar. He's gathered a few of the survivors outside Muth Gnaar, away from the Vereansu patrols."
I'll find Healer Senar.

Speaking to him again:

"Please, leave me to my prayers. They're all I have now."