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Home Settlement Redfur Trading Post
Location Tomb of Anahbi
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Beggar

Aburapli is a Khajiit beggar who can be found at the base of the Tomb of Anahbi in Redfur Trading Post.

Related Quests[edit]


He seems like he could use a lift.

"Hungry... so hungry. A sweetcake would be nice. Candied mammoth tail swimming in sparkle-syrup. Honeyfly bisque over a comb the size of my head ... oh, I can almost taste it!"

He used to be part of the related quest, though that is no longer the case. After stealing goods from the merchants, he was one of the people you could give to.

"Take pity, yes? Khajiit has not eaten in days! My family, they starve on the roadside! Anything you can spare, please!"
What do you need?
"If you have sweets, please! My little ja'khajiit, they mewl with hunger. "Bring us sweets, father!" They say to Aburapli.
Could you spare any? Or money to buy them, perhaps? This one is not picky."
<Give him a package of Exotic Goods.>
"Thank you, noble one! With this bounty, I will trade for so many sweets! This one cannot even begin to tell you!"
Tell me about your family.
"Oh, well. Hrrm. Where to start, aheh. Why do they always ask ….
Adduna! So small and covered in spots. I am not even sure she is mine, to be honest! What can you do, yes? And little Rihah, always getting into trouble! So hungry! Take pity."
Do you really have children?
"Yes, of course! They are little, and covered in fur.\n\nOh, so, I don't have a family. Can you blame me? How else am I to tug on your heartstrings? You don't know how hard it is for an able-bodied bachelor!"