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Reward the mercenaries for their prowess against the werewolves.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Objective: Baandari Tradepost — Placate the mercenaries before they slaughter the traders.
Quest Giver: Eraral-dro
Location(s): Baandari Trading Post
Prerequisite Quest: Enemy of My Enemy
Reward: Gold Coast Gauntlets
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 4199
"Convince" the mercenaries to leave
Eraral-dro wants to neutralize the Gold Coast mercenaries in Malabal Tor so his people will be safe from reprisal.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Drug the mercenaries' kegs.
  2. Talk to Eraral-dro.
  3. Gain support from the Baandari traders.
  4. Talk to Tabil.
  5. Find Eraral-dro.
  6. Buy off the mercenaries.
  7. Talk to Captain Aurelia Blasio.
  8. Return to the tradepost.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Eraral-dro wants you to drug the mercenaries so they won't be strong enough to fight back if their party decides to turn on the Baandari.

Add the Powder to the Mercenaries' KegsEdit

Make sure you activate the keg when the Gold Coast Brewmaster is not near the kegs. If he is, just wait for him to walk away.

Once you've poisoned the kegs, find Eraral in town. The next step of the plan is to convince the traders at the Trade Stalls to give monetary support to the Baandari. You need to speak with Dordanion, Jainda and Kagun about Eraral's plan. All of them will pledge their support. Once you've spoken to all three merchants, find Eraral-dro. You won't get too far from the stalls before Tabil will come rushing in, panting. He tells you that Eraral has been taken by the mercenaries, and that they let Tabil go if he sent a message to you. Captain Aurelia Blasio wants to speak with you at her camp. Tabil offers to finish negotiations with the merchants while you meet with her.

Head west of the stables to find Eraral. He's in the captain's tent. Speak with Captain Blasio. She tells you that you can speak with Eraral, but doesn't want you to free him. Speak with Eraral.

"It's too dangerous for you to be here. Tabil … I told him to run for home, not for help!"
How can I get you out of here?
"Hss! Not so loud!
To save us all, continue with the plan. If the mercenaries are bought off, the captain will have no support. She will be easy to take out then, but not before."
Where are these mercenaries, then?
"No doubt Tabil has already gathered them together, but he's no good at negotiation, I fear. Ensure they get what they desire."

Head back into town and find Tabil in front of Fazaddu's House. He needs you to find out what the mercenaries want, as they're more keen on entertainment than they are on gold or drinks. Head inside to speak with each of the mercenaries.

Buy off the Colovian MercenariesEdit

The mercenaries are on the bottom floor of the building, the entertainers are upstairs. There are three mercenaries: Vitellia Strabo, Yggnast and Longstig are waiting to be entertained. There are also several entertainers: Sadelia is strong and good at wrestling, Ostarion has many tales of his travels to tell, Kagun is a masseuse, Dahari is a soothing harp player, Athemel is a chef, Lananwe is a dancer and Julien doesn't want to be here.

You need to speak with the mercenaries to figure out what they want.

  • Vitellia Strabo – Wants to punch something – Sadelia and Ostarion will make her happy.
  • Yggnast – Just wants to relax – Kagun and Dahari will make him happy.
  • Longstig – Wants food – Athemel will make him happy.

After you buy off the mercenaries, head over to Captain Blasio's camp. She'll run off when you approach, so you need to follow her down the hill. She will have two guards with her: one is an archer and one is a ravager. Blasio is a thundermaul. When she's dead, meet Eraral-dro by the stables to collect your reward.

Quest StagesEdit

A Tangled Net
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Though many of the Gold Coast mercenaries died in the battle with the werewolves, plenty more are still prepared for battle. Eraral-dro wants me to drug their drink to reduce their effectiveness.
Objective: Add the Powder to the Mercenaries' Kegs
I've added the powder to the Gold Coast's kegs. I should speak with Eraral-dro to see what he plans to do with this advantage.
Objective: Talk to Eraral-dro
Eraral-dro wants me to talk to other traders to get their support. He plans to use what gold he can gather to buy off the remaining mercenaries still loyal and not incapacitated by our plotting.
Objective: Collect "Support" from the Other Traders
Hidden Objective: Collect "Support" from a Trader
I've convinced the other traders of the urgency of this matter. I should find Eraral-dro and tell him of my success.
Eraral-dro's been taken captive by Captain Aurelia Blasio. The captain's asked to speak with me at her tent on the hillside beyond the tradepost's gate
Objective: Find Eraral-dro
The captain knows something is amiss. I should talk to Eraral-dro to find out what he wants to do.
Objective: Talk to Captain Aurelia Blasio
Eraral-dro's sent me to meet his assistant, and finish the plan we've set in motion.
Objective: Talk to Tabil
Armed with the payments from the various merchants, I've been sent to parley with the remaining Colovian mercenary leaders.

(Hint:)I should speak to both the entertainers and the mercenaries to figure out the best fit for each.

Objective: Buy off the Colovian Mercenaries
Objective: Talk to a Mercenary
Objective: Talk to an Entertainer Upstairs
Hidden Objective: Mercenary Convinced
Hidden Objective: Point Tracker

(Objective Failed)

Objective: Retry Negotiations
Captain Aurelia Blasio's patience has no doubt run out by this point. I should find and confront her, before she kills Eraral-dro.
Objective: Confront Captain Aurelia Blasio
The captain has run off to rally her troops. Hopefully all of the scheming so far will pay off, and she will find herself without an army.
Objective: Follow Captain Aurelia Blasio
☑Finishes quest Eraral-dro is free, and the Gold Coast is leaderless. It's only a matter of time before they break apart and, hopefully, wander back to Colovia. I should speak to Eraral-dro about this matter.
Objective: Talk to Eraral-dro at the Gates
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