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Collection The Devoted and the Deranged
Found in the following locations:
Part three of the journal of an imprisoned ruler

9th, First Seed

The nobles who orchestrated my capture refuse to have me slain. Why do they lack the stomach for such work? They would take me from my family and the vocation granted me by my lineage, but they refuse to release me from this banal existence.

I have asked them. Oh, how I've asked them. I've demanded, I've threatened, I've begged, for an end.

They will do nothing for me. And in my distress, I turn to the only person who's ever truly cared. I hear the master's voice incessantly now, and while I don't understand everything he says, I know he has my best interests at heart.

And his advice? He wants me to become better. A better High Kinlord. He teaches me, and through him I've learned spells that will open a way to the master. So that my subjects can meet him, can be made better.