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Wildeye Stables
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Proprietor Petrine
Console Location Code(s)
Jerall Mountains
Just east of Bruma
Wildeye Stables

Wildeye Stables is a stable just east of the city of Bruma.

It is one of two places where you can buy a paint horse, the other being Five Riders Stables. You will get a free one at Weynon Priory during a quest.

NPCs Living HereEdit

Wildeye Stables People
Humilis Nonius
Petrine Paint Horse


  • Edla Dark-Heart sees the horses at Wildeye Stables as prey and will occasionally kill them.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • If you have a horse and fast-travel to Bruma, it will be placed in the stables and may become a victim of Edla's. It is best to use the north gate, or fast-travel to a nearby location and walk the rest of the way, to keep your horse safe.