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Oblivion:Tsalajma's House

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Tsalajma's House
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Console Location Code(s)
Border Watch
Tsalajma's House

Tsalajma's House is located at the top of the hill on the north side of Border Watch, overlooking the town. Border Watch Inn is located just to the south of the home. The house consists of one small area and its only resident is the Khajiit Tsalajma.

The house is in a state of disarray; furniture and miscellaneous items are strewn and scattered about. Tsalajma seems to be a bit of a drinker, as the many bottles of beer and mead can attest. Among the mess is some ham, boar meat, and three iron arrows. Under a smashed crate is a stash of monkshood root pulp. Of particular note is a jade necklace, located on the dinner table, and two jewelry boxes, one carefully hidden behind a barrel near the door and one below the window. Both are unlocked and contain gold and random jewelry.