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Oblivion:Troll Candle Camp

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Troll Candle Camp
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Console Location Code(s)
Gold Coast
East of Anvil, southeast of Smoke Hole Cave
Troll Candle Camp

Troll Candle Camp is a campsite east of Anvil occupied by a master marksman (quest-related).

It is southeast of Smoke Hole Cave, in the grasslands downhill from the Gold Road. The site consists of a tent with a bedroll, a stool, an unlit campfire, and two non-respawning sacks containing clutter; a non-respawning chest containing minor loot is atop the large rock just south of the camp. Several plants grow around the camp and the nearby boulders, including five bergamot plants, six ginseng plants, one goldenrod plant, three St. Jahn's wort plants, and three tiger lily plants. On a clear day, the Strid River and the mountains of Valenwood beyond may be seen to the south.

Alawen hunting a deer

The camp is the home of obsessed hunter and Marksman master trainer Alawen, who spends her days stalking the respawning deer in the area. However, her dedication may result in unintended consequences for the related quest (see notes).



  • 1 Wilderness Chest 01 (non-respawning)
  • 2 Sacks (clutter; non-respawning)
  • 1 bedroll


Related QuestsEdit


  • If the camp is deserted when you arrive, it is possible Alawen ventured northeast towards the unmarked Red Lane Camp where she may have been killed by the bandit inhabitants, making it impossible to complete the Marksman Training quest.
    •   The Unofficial Oblivion Patch, version 2.0.0, addresses this issue. Alawen is now marked as essential until she agrees to train you.