Oblivion: The Ulfgar Family's House

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The Ulfgar Family's House
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Bleaker's Way
Ulfgar Family's House

The Ulfgar Family's House is located in the southwestern part of Bleaker's Way, right next to Malyani Dalvilu's house and across the street from Hrol Ulfgar's.

Inside the house

Beirir and Ulrika Ulfgar both live here. Near the front door are five barrels, all with food. In the sleeping area there are two beds with a set of drawers in between and a clutter chest at the foot of the left-hand bed. On top of the drawers are two gold coins and a lockpick. Two food barrels sit next to a small privacy wall that is connected to a dividing wall. In the area by the lit fireplace are four sacks and a chest, all with clutter. There is also a broom propped up in the corner and two bedrolls. The dinner table holds a small amount of food, two wedges of cheese, two grapes and a bread loaf. The pantry holds food while the windowsill has some cooking utensils on it. There are two more bedrolls in the house, one is located near two clutter sacks in the corner of the dining area and another bedroll and two more sacks is located down a few steps to the left of the fire place. Of the containers, only the sacks can be used for storage, as the other containers respawn.