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Oblivion:The Gravefinder's Repose

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Help the innkeeper deal with a local Necromancer.
Quest Giver: Malene at Roxey Inn
Location(s): Roxey Inn, Moss Rock Cavern
Reward: Leveled amount of gold
ID: SQ05
Raelynn and her undead minions

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Malene behind the counter about the necromancer.
  2. Clear Moss Rock Cavern, and corner Raelynn at the end of the cavern.
  3. Return to Malene for your leveled gold reward and her thanks.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Raelynn the GravefinderEdit

Talk to Malene behind the counter at the Roxey Inn, and she will tell you that Raelynn the Gravefinder, a necromancer hiding out in Moss Rock Cavern, has been scaring potential customers away from the area. Malene will ask you to kill Raelynn.

Moss Rock CavernEdit

Follow the path behind the inn and you will get to the cave. Clearing the cave is not too hard; nonetheless, sneaking is rather helpful. You can pick the lock on the door to the cavern with Raelynn in it or go all the way to the end of the cavern to get the key (it's in the chest next to the small statue).

When you return to Malene she will thank you and give you gold (the reward is leveled, 20 gold at level 1, plus an additional 25 gold for each level above that, to a maximum of 745 gold at level 30+).

Journal EntriesEdit

The Gravefinder's Repose (SQ05)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Malene at the Roxey Inn in the wilderness north of the Imperial City has asked me to help her rid the area of a Necromancer who calls herself Raelynn the Gravefinder. Raelynn can be found in Moss Rock Cavern to the north.
20 I've slain Raelynn the Gravefinder. I should return to Malene at the Roxey Inn and deliver the good news.
100 Finishes quest  Malene was delighted with the news of Raelynn the Gravefinder's death, and rewarded me with some coin.
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