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Oblivion:The Bastion

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The Bastion
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Console Location Code(s)
ICImperialLegionHQTheBastion, ICImperialLegionHQTheBastionTower
Imperial City, Prison District
The Bastion in the Prison District

The Bastion is a tower in the Imperial City Prison District that houses the city's jail.

There are two ways to enter the Bastion. One is through the front door, the other is through the locked door in the back. Inside is the Jailor, the Evidence chest, a ladder leading to the barracks, and two gates leading to separate parts of the prison. The door to the West leads to the area housing Valen Dreth (where you start the game off), while the Eastern section houses Claudius Arcadia, and is where you end up should you commit any crimes. J'baana, the Master Security Trainer is found behind the Bastion, accessible only by the locked door inside, or the locked gates outside.

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