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Oblivion:Spell Breaker

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Spell Breaker
Daedric Artifact: Spell Breaker (000897C2)
(lore page)
Type Shield, Heavy Armor
Editor ID DASpellBreakerShield
Armor Rating Rating 17
Armor Rating Rating 17 Health Health 1500
Weight Weight 18 Value Value 16500
Reflect Spell 30%
Spell Breaker

Spell Breaker is a heavy shield that you can get from Peryite's Daedric quest. See the book Tamrielic Lore for background on this item (although some details are different, since this book was initially written for Morrowind).

Its stats are similar to that of an Orcish shield, though it offers slightly more protection and is significantly more durable. It also contains a powerful spell reflection enchantment. Being an item of Daedric property, it can be used to open a doorway to Mankar Camoran's Paradise during the main quest.

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  • In other games, incarnations of Spell Breaker changed appearance based on their respective Dwarven/Dwemer tower shields. In Oblivion, however, its appearance has largely carried over from Morrowind.
  • Spell Breaker contains the second-most-powerful Reflect Spell enchantment of any item in the game, surpassed only by the Mundane Ring.