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Oblivion:Ri'bassa's House

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Ri'bassa's House
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Console Location Code(s)
Border Watch
Ri'bassa's House

Ri'bassa's House is located in Border Watch, at the bottom of the town's stairs in the northeast corner and next to M'dirr's House.

Ri'Bassa might be the town Shaman, but he and Zabhila don't know much about housekeeping or decorating. The interior of the house is a total mess; paintings are hanging from the ceiling, pottery lies scattered on the carpet, and a table is blocking one side of the double bed, making it impossible for both the inhabitants to sleep at the same time. Amid all the chaos, a few items stand out; a potion of cure disease is located in a broken chest near the window and a club can be found near the bed as well as a few knocked-over bottles of beer.