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Oblivion:Thieves Den Creatures

Oblivion: Thieves Den(Redirected from Oblivion:Red Sabre Skeleton)

The Thieves Den official plug-in adds three new creatures.


Bacon is a boar who can be found at Dunbarrow Cove after you have purchased the "Fence" upgrade.

Cap'n DugalEdit

The skeleton called Cap'n Dugal is all that remains of Captain Torradan ap Dugal, former captain of The Black Flag. It can be found in the Captain's Quarters.

Red Sabre SkeletonEdit

Two Red Sabre Skeletons

The Red Sabre Skeletons are stronger versions of normal skeletons. They have the resistances and melee damage value but they have more health (from level 2 onwards), and their weapons have a higher damage value. The two unused versions have the same health as their counterparts, but their weapons are not always stronger.

Creature Carries Health Frost Resist Poison Resist Paralysis Resist Attacks Soul
Red Sabre Skeleton
Leveled Cutlass
20×level 70 100 100
  • Cutlass
  • 5pts melee, unarmed
Red Sabre Skeleton
Superb Steel Cutlass
280 70 100 100
  • Cutlass
  • 12pts melee, unarmed
Red Sabre Skeleton
Masterforge Steel Cutlass
350 70 100 100 Greater

† These two varieties of Red Sabre Skeleton never appear in-game. They are part of a leveled list, but only the first version is ever actually used.