Oblivion:Bravil House for Sale

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Bravil House for Sale
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Bravil's House for Sale

Bravil House for Sale is a shack-like home on the northeast corner of Bravil's southwest island.

The home can be purchased from Count Regulus Terentius for 4,000 gold, and the six upgrades can be purchased from Nilawen at The Fair Deal for varying prices. Without any upgrades, the home consists of only a table and chair in front of the fireplace and a double bed in the northeast room.

The dining area upgrade adds two chairs to the table in front of the fireplace and a rug beneath it. The kitchen area upgrade adds a food cupboard to the southeast corner, a small table next to it, and another chair near the fireplace. The racks assortment upgrade adds two wine racks - one in the entry room and one on the opposite side of the same wall - and a wall-mounted weapons rack above each, as well as another weapons rack on the west wall. The reading area upgrade places two bookshelves on the east wall with a chair and rug in front of them. The storage area upgrade adds two chests of drawers in the southwest corner with a chest between them; all three contain clutter. It also adds a rug in this corner and a clutter chest in the closet by the front door. The wall hangings upgrade hangs four paintings and a tapestry on the walls.


Costs and UpgradesEdit

Bravil House for Sale
Purchased From
Count Regulus Terentius (disposition 50+) Price to Purchase Home OBValueIcon small.png 4,000 Upgrades
Purchased From
Total Base Cost of All Upgrades OBValueIcon small.png 3,900
House Dining Area
House Kitchen Area
House Racks Assortment
House Reading Area
House Storage Area
House Wall Hangings

650 gold

650 gold

650 gold

650 gold

650 gold

650 gold

2 Chairs
1 Rug
Assorted Pottery

1 Food Cupboard
1 Small Table
1 Chair
Assorted Pottery

2 Wine Racks
2 Wall Mount Weapon Racks
1 Free-Standing Weapon Rack

2 Bookshelves
1 Rug
1 Chair
1 Candelabra

2 Dressers
1 Chair
1 Chest †
1 Rug
1 Candelabra

4 Assorted Paintings
1 Tapestry

The note for the storage area states that you only receive one chest when you purchase this upgrade. However, there are actually two chests that come with this upgrade.


  • There is a minor glitch that prevents the player from completely owning the house: there will always be a red (trespassing) icon when you open the front door. However, you will never be arrested for entering the house and you fully own the interior of the house.
    • PC Only This bug is fixed by version 1.0.0 of the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
    • PC This can be corrected by using the console, clicking at the door and then typing SetOwnership.