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Oblivion:The Archer's Paradox

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The Archer's Paradox
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Proprietor Daenlin
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The Archer's Paradox

The Archer's Paradox is an archery shop located in the southern half of Bravil. It is found across the street from The Lonely Suitor Lodge and next to the building that consists of Luciana Galena's House and the house for sale.

The proprietor, Daenlin, has 1000 gold, a Mercantile skill of 40 and also offers repair services. When bartering, he will buy your armor, weapons and miscellaneous items while selling bows, arrows and Light Armor. Among his wares is the unique Bow of Infliction, which has Damage Agility and Drain Marksman enchantments.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of a large counter and a forge, with an anvil, furnace and bellows. Daenlin lives upstairs, as is usual with Bravil houses and stores. His private quarters consists of a single room which serves as dining room, work room and bedroom.


  • The shop's name comes from one of Zeno's paradoxes, in which it is impossible for an arrow to move through the air because at any one instant in time it occupies only one space. Referencing this, he greets the player to the shop with:
    "The Archer's Paradox. Because a perfect arrow flies forever, and that's impossible. I'm Daenlin, and I have no perfect arrows."
  • On the outside of the second story of the building is a chest which can be reached by jumping from the adjacent building. It contains a small amount of gold and is safe for storage as it is non-respawning.
  • A handbill advertising the store is listed in the Construction Set, but cannot be found in-game. It would have read: "The Archer's Paradox has everything a hunter might need. If it's sharp and pointy, the odds are we have it, and at a better price than anywhere else."