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Aengvir's House
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Harlun's Watch
Aengvir's House

Aengvir's House is a house located in Harlun's Watch, adjacent to Deetum-Ja's House and opposite Drarana Thelis' House.

The poorly-tended house

The Bosmer commoner Aengvir lives here. It consists of one zone only, Aengvir's House.




Aengvir's HouseEdit

The interior of Aengvir's house suggests a status far below what may be assumed by the middle-class clothing he wears; it's almost completely empty except for his bed, two tables, some knocked over chairs, and a huge amount of spider webs hanging from the ceiling. Two candlesticks and a candle on the table light the room. A rarely used broom lies on the carpet and is the only thing that can actually be picked up.