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The controls menu can be accessed from the main screen, under the "Help" menu. "Basic Controls" are the main keys used for most actions and are always in the default location; "Custom Controls" can be assigned to keys other than the default. Controls are also explained during the first scene, before the Champion's first scuffle with two Mythic Dawn enemies.

Basic ControlsEdit

Move Up - UP, #2
Move Down - DOWN, #8
Move Left - LEFT, #4
Move Right - RIGHT, #6
Action/Attack - OK, #5
Inventory - Right Soft Key
Menu/Back - Left Soft Key

Custom ControlsEdit

These keys can be switched around from the Help menu.

Quick Health Potion - #7
Quick Magicka Potion - #9
Toggle Weapon - #3

Dialogue ControlsEdit

Scroll Up - UP, #2
Scroll Down - DOWN, #8
Press OK or #5 to continue at the end of a text dialogue