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help! I don't know htmlEdit

Don't worry, wiki formatting can be considerably simpler than html code. get formatting help

how to add a new page to this section:Edit

Follow these 5 simple steps

  • think up a name for your page (wikis call individual pages articles)
  • copy one of the links in the list and change it to read:
[[Tes3Mod:MWE_YourPageName|Your new page title]] : Description Here
note: _'s in article names are shown to users as spaces, please prefix anything you create with MWE_ so we can keep everything organized, don't mess with the Tes3Mod tag, that tells the wiki that the new page lives in the Tes3Mod namespace with other TES3 modding related articles.
  • Describe your new page next to the link
  • Save the page and your new link is ready, click it and go to your new page.
  • Fill the new article with whatever info you'd like, if your html is poor don't sweat it, someone else can make the page pretty later.

--Halo112358 18:10, 11 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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