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Morrowind Enhanced(MWE) is an external utility used by a growing number of mods to do things that would normally be impossible using normal Morrowind scripting. Morrowind Enhanced itself is not a mod, but is a required component of others. Morrowind Enhanced.exe must be run concurrently with Morrowind. An older version (1.21) of MWE and a number of MWE-enhanced mods can be downloaded at

Note: Requires Tribunal or Bloodmoon


Morrowind Enhanced 
Download MWE and Aerelorn's mods here.
Morrowind Enhanced Forum 
Discussion of MWE mods, a great place to find help & get answers.
Tonto's Mods, includes MWE Dev Kit 
The current authoritative document on MWE usage.


List of SoundRegister IDs 
List of mods using SoundRegister IDs and the numbers they've used. Please register your IDs to avoid mod conflicts.
MWE Dev Kit 
A start at putting the dev kit on the wiki, you should really go here and download Tonto's offline version.


This is a placeholder Page, this area needs work & organization. This could fall under the TES3Mod:Modding section but since MWE is a 3rd party utility it made sense to create a separate category. I don't want people getting confused and thinking they can access MWE functions when they're looking for stock morrowind script information. For section discussion, planning & notes click here, or click the 'Discussion' tab at the top of the page (links are the same).

Further information should include:
dev kit & documentation (online & easily edited instead of in .doc files)
examples & sample scripts (see above)
lists to coordinate possible conflicts (ie: sound registration IDs from the SoundRegister function)