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                SetJournalIndex, JournalID, Index

       Where:   JournalID       = Journal entry to add or modify.
                Index           = Value to set the journal entry to.

        Type:   Dialogue

     Returns:   none

     Example:   SetJournalIndex, "A2_4_MiloGone", 10            (???)

     Scripts:   Not Used

Sets the Journal to that index. Can move up or down. Not used so I'm not sure what purpose or use this function is. Although it is supposedly included in the original game, it only works in Tribunal or later versions.

SetJournalIndex is primarily useful to set a Journal to an entry without displaying any journal text. This can be used as a form of a quest variable without being forced to actually create a global variable to govern that quest -- for example, to display something to the player, and then set a special flag for that quest you can set the index to 46, and then check to see if the dialogue entry is 46 instead of 45 to have the NPC do something different when reacting to the player. Essentially, it's a way of tracking the player's shenanigans without tipping off the player with a journal entry.

You can set the journal index to values where a journal index doesn't actually exist, as well. Whether or not you can use SetJournalIndex to repeatedly display the same journal entry over and over, I haven't tried.

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