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                PlaceItem,     ObjectID,        X, Y, Z, ZRot   
                PlaceItemCell, ObjectID, CelID, X, Y, Z, ZRot
       Where:   ObjectID  = Object to place into world
                CelID     = Cell name where to place the item
                X,Y,Z     = Exterior/interior location to place the item, can be a literal value
                            as well as float variables.
                ZRot      = World Z-axis orientation of the item (in degrees)
        Type:   Movement, Tribunal

     Returns:   none

     Example:   PlaceItem, "false_sunder", 10, -5006, 0, 0
                PlaceItemCell, "daedric_god_helm", "Assernerairan, Shrine", NewX, NewY, NewZ, 45

     Scripts:   dulniScript

New functions added in Tribunal to create new item references into the world. PlaceItem will create a new item in the exterior while PlaceItemCell does the same for an interior cell. With either function, if the target cell for the reference is an exterior cell and the given coordinate is outside of that cell, then the reference will be added to the cell containing the coordinate. This is a nice addition that allows you to add things to the world without previously placing them in the editor.

There seems to be a bug with PlaceItemCell in that items added with the function disappear if you save, exit, and reload. This seems to depend on the order in which things occur. For instance if you add an NPC to the clothier to a cell that the player has never visited the NPC will be there. However, if you save the game after the NPC has been added, reload that save and then visit the cell the NPC will not be there.

See Also: PlaceAtPC