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                PlaceAtMe, ObjectID, Count, Distance, Direction
                PlaceAtPC, ObjectID, Count, Distance, Direction

       Where:   ObjectID  = Object to place into world
                Count     = Number of the object to add
                Distance  = Distance from the player in game units
                Direction = Initial orientation of the object
                                0 = front
                                1 = back
                                2 = left
                                3 = right
        Type:   Movement
                PlaceAtMe, Bloodmoon

     Returns:   none

     Example:   PlaceAtPC, "delte fyr", 1, 120, 0               (just in front of player)
                PlaceAtPC, "Dremora_lord", 1, 128, 1            (sneak attack behind player)
                PlaceAtMe, "activator_01", 1, 500, 3

     Scripts:   karrodScript

Places the object at the player (PlaceAtPC) or another object/activator (PlaceAtMe), in the direction you specify and the distance. If that location is not safe (in the air, in a wall, etc), the object will be placed at one of the other axis or at the player's exact location (feet). It is used most often to spawn NPCs/creatures near the player/object for a coordinated and timed attack.

See Also: PlaceItem, PlaceItemCell