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        Type:   Global, Time

     Returns:   short

     Example:   set CurrentMonth to Month


Presumably the current month which ranges from 0 to 11. You can use the SET command to change the current month.

The Month variable ranges from 0-11, where 0 is the first month of the year (Morning Star), 1 is the second month of the year (Sun's Dawn), etc. The game starts in Last Seed, which is month 7 (the eighth month of the year). Morrowind does have a bug where after a year ends, the month is rolled over to 1 (which is the second month of the year). There is a plugin-based fix for it, which you can download off of Morrowind Summit, but of course the best fix is for Bethesda to repair the problem.

See Also: Day, GameHour, Year