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        Type:   Time

     Returns:   float

     Example:   if ( GameHour >= 18 )
                set fValue to GameHour

     Scripts:   anoScript

Returns the current hour of the day in the game's time. The value is a floating point value that will be increased slightly on each frame. Game hour can be modified using the SET command to change the game time.

My favorite usage is on an item I created -- the Ring of Eternal Midnight -- which causes the GameHour to be set to 0.001 constantly once the day changes -- thus, once it becomes midnight, the ring will keep the game frozen at midnight until you remove it. When you do remove it, time will advance normally (even if you put the ring on again) until midnight is again reached.

Another good usage of setting GameHour directly is to make time pass. 'set GameHour to GameHour + 0.5' makes time advance a half-hour instantaneously. It correctly identifies new days, but I haven't yet tested whether or not it also correctly identifies time passed beyond a new day -- that is, if it is currently 11:59 PM, whether or not adding a half hour will make it 12:29 AM or simply 12:00 AM.