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Morrowind Mod:Co-executable

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A co-executable is a program that runs at the same time as Morrowind. Typically (but not always), it enhances gameplay in some way by hacking into the Morrowind process. These utilities enhance gameplay by interacting with Morrowind.exe as it runs.

  • FPS Optimizer
    • Play enhancer. Co-executable that maximimizes viewing distance and FPS (frames per second.
    • Also tweaks music play and a few other functions.
    • For a discussion of FPS Optimizer settings and possible non-conflict with the graphics extender look at Step 12.
  • MGE (Morrowind Graphics Extender)
    • Play enhancer. Co-executable that maximimizes viewing distance and FPS (frames per second).
    • Oblivion style distant land feature, including distant statics and reflective water.
    • HDR effect.
  • MGE XE
    • A newer branch of Morrowind Graphics Extender. It yields similar benefits with additional features.
    • Dynamic Shadows
    • Enhanced Shaders (PBR, Bumpmap Enhancements)
    • Includes pointer tooltips and a quick-setup procedure.
  • Morrowind Script Extender (MWSE)
    • MWSE (sometimes also called MSE) allows modders to create mods using scripting features not in the original game and allows mod users to utilize such mods.
    • A version of MWSE is included in both MGE and MGE XE, as both require the enhanced functionality.
    • To run a stand-alone, later version of MWSE in addition to either MGE or MGE XE, tick the appropriate box to disable their "internal MWSE".
  • Morrowind Enhanced (MWE)
    • Play enhancer that allows for mods which add depth and complexity to game mechanics such as combat, writing, journal, etc.