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Morrowind:Words of the Wind

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Words of the Wind
ID bk_words_of_the_wind
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Value 45 Weight 4.0
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Words of the Wind
A volume of verse collected from Ashlander wise women

[This is a volume of verse collected from Ashlander wise women. 'May I shrink to dust' is from the Ahemmusa Ashlanders of the Grazelands.]

May I shrink to dust

In your cold, wild Wastes,

And may my tongue speak

Its last hymn to your winds.

I pray for the herder

That whistles to his guar at play.

I pray for the hunter

That stalks the white walkers.

I pray for the wise one

That seeks under the hill,

And the wife who wishes

For one last touch of her dead child's hand.

I will not pray for that which I've lost

When my heart springs forth

From your soil, like a seed,

And blossoms anew beneath tomorrow's sun.