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Krazzt (dremora_ttpc)
Home City Vivec Palace
Location Puzzle Canal, Center
Species Dremora Soul Grand (200)
Level 6 Type Daedra
  • 1-10 pts melee
  • Fire Bite
    Fire Damage Fire Damage 15-30 pts on Touch
  • Second Barrier
    Shield Shield 20 pts for 30 secs on Self
Other Information
Health 225 Magicka 400
Alarm 0 Fight 0

Krazzt is a dremora who can be found in the center of the Puzzle Canal in Vivec. In order to complete the pilgrimage to the Shrine of Courtesy, you must offer him a silver longsword. He seems to feel it is below him to accept longswords constantly and proclaims his disappointment in florid prose.

Related QuestsEdit

Tribunal TempleEdit


  • Greetings:
    • "Are you here on the pilgrimage? Read the shrine."
    • "Are you here on the pilgrimage? Do you have a silver longsword for me?"
    • "Are you here on the pilgrimage? I take it that silver longsword is for me."
    • "Have you not given me a silver longsword? Just read the shrine and leave. I tire of your mortal presence."
  • silver longsword:
    • "I can only accept plain silver longswords. I didn't make the rules."
    • "As you see. I am unarmed. But you are brave and gallant. <sigh> Will you give me your longsword so that I may stand a chance against your might?"
      • Yes, take it. [Your journal has been updated. Silver Longsword has been removed from your inventory.] "Yes, I accept this sword. Thank you, %PCName. You have the grace of courtesy. You should read the inscription on the shrine to complete your pilgrimage."
      • No, nevermind. "Perhaps you should read the shrine again."
    • "I remember you, %PCName. You have already given me a silver longsword."