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Frizkav Brutya (frizkav brutya)
Home City Vivec
Location Ministry of Truth
Race Breton Gender Male
Level 12 Class Thief
Other Information
Health 92 Magicka 136
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Faction(s) Thieves Guild 4(Operative)
Frizkav Brutya

Frizkav Brutya is a Breton thief and Operative of the Thieves Guild imprisoned in the Ministry of Truth for a crime he won't specify. He feels his sentence is deserved and wants to leave the prison a free man to not worry his mother. He has a peculiar manner of speech, which, much like his name, is unbefitting a Breton.

He wears a common shirt with matching pants. Aside from his natural bonus and resistance to magicka, and his ability to shield himself for short periods, he knows no spells.


  • Greetings:
  • "Nothing to do with me, mate. Ain't shiftin'. Did the crime, and doin' me time."
  • "Told ya, mate. Nothin' doin'."
  • the crime: "It's a fair cop. I'm doin' me time, and walkin' free. Else me poor mum'd be worryin' 'erself sick."