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Morrowind:Drath Ancestral Tomb

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Drath Ancestral Tomb
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# of Zones 1
Undead, Daedra
Console Location Code(s)
Drath Ancestral Tomb
Ashlands, [-5;17]
Drath Ancestral Tomb

Drath Ancestral Tomb is a small tomb southwest of the Urshilaku Camp in the Ashlands region.

The tomb contains little treasure but there is fortunately not too much opposition as well. Shortly after entering the tomb, you will find yourself in an area that branches in two paths guarded by one undead opponent. Choosing the path on the right will take you through a narrow, downward path containing both undead and daedra opposition. At the end of this path is an urn on top of an altar containing a portion of bonemeal.

If you instead choose to go left, you will immediately see a trapped door. After disarming this door and traveling through a short hallway, you will see another door that is also trapped. Heading through this door will take you to the other side of the large gap you could see when you first entered the tomb. Proceeding through the door here will take you to the last room of the dungeon which is guarded by an undead foe. After clearing out the opposition, you can loot the six urns in the room which all contain bonemeal. A scroll of Didala's Knack is situated beside one of the urns while a journeyman's probe can be found beside another urn. The bulk of the loot can be found on the far end of the room, consisting of a copy of the Blunt Weapons skill book The Hope of the Redoran, a common belt, and a trapped small chest that may contain some leveled loot.

Family MembersEdit

There is only one known member of the Drath family:


Map of Drath Ancestral Tomb