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Din (din)
Location West Gash, north of Gnisis (map)
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 6 Class Master-at-Arms
Other Information
Health 109 Magicka 90
Alarm 0 Fight 30
Respawns Yes (*See text)
Follower During The Man Who Spoke to Slaughterfish
Faction(s) Imperial Legion 1(Spearman)

Din is a Redguard master-at-arms and a low-ranking Imperial Legionnaire who has lost his sanity after being infected by a Slaughterfish. If you proceed to cure him, he will pay you 30 gold and, if you're in the Legion, will give you a faction increase. He is flagged as being able to respawn, just in case the wild Kagouti nearby attack and kill him before your encounter. This is notable in that he is the only named NPC in the game who has this property, the rest being guards or other generically named anonymous NPCs. Like all Redguards, he has a natural resistance to poison and disease, and can boost his health, strength, agility and endurance for a short period of time, but otherwise knows no spells. He is a source of the disease greenspore.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Greeting:
"Hello, stranger. What? What the hell are you looking at? Get the hell out of here before I take your head off! All I want to do is catch some slaughterfish. Is that so wrong? Huh? You're welcome!"
"What is it? Do I know you? Well? Slaughterfish!"

If you state you will cure him with a spell:

"Well, are you going to cast that spell on me, slaughterfish?"

After you reach the healer in Gnisis:

"Yes. This is the place I need to be. They can help me here. Take this as payment, and I'll make sure to tell my friends in the Legion about your help. Thank you, friend--you have been a big help. You know, for a slaughterfish." (You receive 30 gold and gain 5 Imperial Legion rep)

After he has been cured:

"Yes? Huh? What is it? I'm sorry...things had been so muddled, but my mind is much clearer."
"Hello, %PCName. I feel much better now. Things aren't as muddled."
  • catch some slaughterfish:
"Yes, slaughterfish! You're not one, are you? Are you? No, I guess you're not. I'm mind has been a little muddled since I got bitten. Those fish pack quite a punch. Punch? Yes, please!"
  • muddled:
"I'm just having some problems concentrating since the slaughterfish bite. Having some problems controlling myself, too. You have a problem with that? Huh? Well? Sorry...I really need some help. Maybe you can get me to a healer? To hell with the healers. I don't need one! That Mehra Drora is a healer, but I don't like the way she looks at me. All of Gnisis is like that. Don't look at me!"
Perhaps you'd better follow me to the healer in Gnisis. I think she can help you.: "Go to Gnisis with you? A slaughterfish? Ha! Hmmm...maybe I should follow you. That way I can keep my eye on you."
Perhaps I can cast a spell to cure your disease.: "A spell, huh? Never heard of a slaughterfish that could cast spells. Give it your best shot! Stop looking at me!"
I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do to help you.: "Fine! Can't trust you slaughterfish anyway! Are you threatening me? Go away!"
"Muddled? Where? No! Don't play in the muddled. You'll get a dirty mind."

If you cure him with a spell:

"What's this? I...I...thank you. I'm not sure what happened. Everything is sort of hazy after that slaughterfish bite. Thank you so much for your help. I'd like to reward you for your generosity. I have very little, but please take this gold. Even during all my days in the legion, I've never felt anything so strange. I'll make sure to mention to my Legion friends how helpful you were. Thank you again. If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask." Goodbye. (You receive 30 gold and gain 5 Imperial Legion rep.)
"Yes, everything was so confusing there for a while. You've got to watch those slaughterfish bites. I'd heard they can cause disease, but I didn't realize how severely."
  • cast that spell:
"Go ahead! Do your worst! I am a god!!!"
Perhaps you'd better follow me to the healer.: "Okay, then. Better to keep my eye on you anyway. Sneaky damn slaughterfish."
I'll cast the spell.: "I'm waiting! Bring it on!"

Din has unique dialogue for the following lines until he is cured, after which they revert to the generic lines for his class/faction:

  • guard:
"Guards? Where? Can't fool me."
  • Imperial Legion:
"Bunch of guys who run around in suits of armor. They never go fishing! Except me. What were we talking about? Go away!"
  • join the Imperial Legion:
"Join? Why would I want to do that? I already did! I don't think you'd fit in. Not a lot of slaughterfish in the Legion. Not even talking ones that look like a %PCRace."
  • Morrowind lore:
"I don't know anything about that! I never even met Morrowind! Nosy fish, you are."
  • rules:
"Rules? There are lots! Break 'em all, I say! Or don't."