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MW-icon-effect-Demoralize Creature.jpg Demoralize Creature
MW-icon-effect-Demoralize Humanoid.jpg Demoralize Humanoid
School Illusion / Mysticism
Type Offensive (Non-hostile)
Base Cost 1
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Spells (Creature)
Spells (Humanoid)

Demoralize M points for D seconds

Increases the target's Flee value (its inclination to flee from combat) by M. There are actually two separate effects:

  • Demoralize Creature works on all creatures.
  • Demoralize Humanoid works on all NPCs.

A great enough magnitude will make the target disengage from combat and run away.


  • Due to a slip by the developers, Demoralize Humanoid is actually a Mysticism spell, despite the green icon which indicates that it is Illusion. Demoralize Creature is correctly set as Illusion.
  • Demoralize is among the most powerful disabling effects in the game. An enemy who is running is an enemy who isn't fighting you. With a good spell, you can send entire armies running for the hills, which makes for excellent bow practice.
  • If you get in your target's way while they're running, they may still take a swing or two at you. Continual attacks may still bring the enemy back to retaliate.
  • Fleeing enemies can bring in all sorts of trouble. Use caution when Demoralizing fast runners or for extended periods of time.

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