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Abandoned Homes
General Information
Overview of Abandoned Homes - An overview of abandoned houses scattered throughout Vvardenfell.
Key - A description of the house details header.
Small and cozy
St. Delyn Waist North-Two - An unoccupied house in the St. Delyn Canton.
An Abandoned Shack - A small but cozy fishing shack southwest from Gnaar Mok.
Locked Houses
Vori's House - A great house in the beginning, it's located on the market side of Balmora.
Hlaalo Manor - A big manor for any time in the game, near Hlaalu Headquarters in Balmora.
Dwemer Tower
Vacant Tower - A Dwemer Tower to call your own, north of Dagon Fel.

General InformationEdit

Overview of Abandoned HomesEdit

Throughout Vvardenfell are abandoned houses that you can use to store stuff in and make it your own. You can usually find these homes in towns but you could also find them out of towns.


Services: Services and establishments inside or next door to the house.
Storage: All the kinds of storage options available in the house
Occupant(s): The names and occupations of any occupants of the house
Description: A detailed description of the house's features.

Small and cozyEdit

St. Delyn Waist North-Two, interior

St. Delyn Waist North-TwoEdit

Services: None
Storage: 1 chest, 1 wardrobe
Occupants: None
Description: This is a great house if you want somewhere to keep your stuff. There is also a bed, two shelves, a table, a chest, and a wardrobe in this house.

It's cramped but cozy
The Abandoned Shack near Gnaar Mok

An Abandoned ShackEdit

Services: None
Storage: Lots of storage including sacks, crates and barrels.
Occupants: None
Description: A small but cozy fishing shack on an island southwest from Gnaar Mok. It has a hammock, table, stool and a little boat outside. It's a great place to take up residence. There's an Exclusive Potion of Shadow and 25 gold hidden in a nearby tree stump, and two more floating barrels behind the shack on the other side of the big rocks. There are also 2 pearls underneath an overturned Bowl on the desk, and 100 gold in a cloth sack behind the hammock, and a few loose gold pieces in between the floorboards. The shack also contains a worn and weathered note and the No-h's Picture Book of Wood.

Foryn Gilnith's ShackEdit

Services: Has one stat-raising book
Storage: 1 chest, 1 basket, 3 sacks, 3 barrels
Occupants: None, once you kill Foryn Gilnith for Death of a Taxman
Description: A small shack in Seyda Neen, it has plenty of early storage for holding loot from raiding the local warehouse and other properties. Also includes one hammock, and a small table.

Locked HousesEdit

Many locked homes are found in Vvardenfell. You must unlock them before you can enter them, but they will most likely have nobody inside, thus letting you store your equipment inside and take a snooze. Be warned, if anybody sees you unlocking the door, then you will be reported to the guards.

Vori's House

Vori's HouseEdit

Services: None
Storage: 1 chest, 1 Small Chest, 2 Sacks, 3 Baskets, and a Shelf
Occupants: Vori is presently out of town, she is in Sadrith Mora outside Wolverine Hall
Description: This is a great house in the beginning, it's located on the market side of Balmora facing the Odai river. It comes with a lock level of 50 and the occupant is out of town. Great Location, access to the Mages, Fighters, and Thieves Guild, Morag Tong, Several Vendors, the Silt Strider, and is just across the river from the local Blades operative.

Hlaalo Manor

Hlaalo ManorEdit

Services: None
Storage: 1 Chest of drawers on 3rd floor; 6 barrels, 5 sacks, 4 crates, 2 wooden barrels, 2 cloth sacks, Ralen's body, 1 small chest (lock level 65) hidden behind a tapestry at the top of the first set of stairs.
Occupants: Ralen Hlaalo (Deceased), Uryne Nirith
Description: The house is decent-sized and has a level 35 lock on the front door and a level 40 lock on the balcony. The only other living occupant of this manor is Ralen's servant, Uryne Nirith, who shouldn't be a problem as you can just lock her in her room. The only other bed here is in the ransacked upstairs room. The middle floor has the balcony door and servant's room. The bottom floor has the deceased Ralen and a bunch of sacks and baskets with plenty of alchemical ingredients. Ralen's body has an infinite weight limit, so stuff him with all your goodies if you are in need of a bank.

Dwemer TowerEdit

Vacant TowerEdit

Services: Trainer
Storage: None
Occupants: Khargol gro-Boguk and four rats.
Description: As the name implies, it is predominately vacant aside from four rats. You can share it with the Orc Khargol gro-Boguk, living in the top half, accessed through a trapdoor.