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The logo of Redguard Unity

Redguard Unity is an open-source project that intends to port The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard to the Unity game engine.

In many ways, the project has similar goals to Daggerfall Unity. It aims for an equally faithful recreation of the original game in a new engine, but with several modernizations and improvements.

Despite the similar names, it is made by a different team than Interkarma's Daggerfall Unity.


The primary goal is to recreate Redguard as close as possible to the original in a new engine. It will require you to own either a CD copy or the GOG version of Redguard. Redguard Unity will then import all necessary assets from that installation. Since no code can be salvaged from the original, it will be entirely rewritten and use modern tech in its core, which should result in a few advantages over the old engine:

  • Support for modern resolutions and aspect ratios at high frame rates
  • Better gamepad support
  • Easier and more predictable player movement controller
  • More responsive combat system

Aside from these, many optional enhancements are planned:

  • Better visuals (shadows, view distance, antialiasing, ambient occlusion)
  • An alternate, more modern player control system with mouse support (similar to current 3rd-person games like Tomb Raider 2013)
  • Cheats (fly mode, noclip, photo mode)
  • Exploration mode after completion of the main game
  • Mod support

The project is still in a very early stage of development; therefore, no public builds (or any other downloads) are available at this time.

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