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Emperor Uriel Septim II
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 82
Reign 3E 64-
3E 82
Previous Ruler Uriel I
Next Ruler Pelagius II
Resided in Imperial City

Uriel Septim II was the fifth emperor of the Septim Dynasty. He was preceded as emperor by his father, Uriel I, and was succeeded by his son, Pelagius II.[1]


Uriel Septim was the son of Emperor Uriel I.[1][2] At some point, Uriel married an unnamed woman.[3] He had three children: Pelagius, Amiel, and Galana.[1][3] In 3E 64, Uriel I died, so Uriel was crowned Emperor of Tamriel.[1][4][2] Uriel II's reign was the beginning of the disunification of the Empire, and the Empire would not return to the level of unity seen during the reign of Uriel I until the days of Pelagius IV.[5] The reign of Uriel II was plagued by pestilences, insurrections, and blights.[1] During his reign, a Khajiiti rebellion broke out in Torval, and Uriel II was given millions of gold coins by Mantiarco, King of Solitude, to aid the Empire in suppressing the rebellion.[3] In exchange for the assistance, the Emperor agreed to arrange the marriage of Mantiarco to Galana or pay back the gold to King Mantiarco.[3] Uriel II's poor management of the Empire's financial policies left the Empire in debt, and by the end of his reign, the Imperial Treasury was bankrupt.[1][6][7] His tenderness and kindheartedness did not serve Tamriel well, and little justice was done.[1][7] In 3E 67, his granddaughter Potema was born, and she was immediately presented to Uriel II, who viewed the solemn, intense babe and reportedly commented, "She looks like a she-wolf about ready to pounce."[7] In 3E 80, an ambassador representing King Mantiarco arrived at the Imperial Palace, asking Uriel II to honor the promised marriage of King Mantiarco and Galana, but unbeknownst to the ambassador, Galana was preparing to marry the Duke of Narsis.[3] In order to not harm relations with the Kingdom of Solitude, Uriel II and Prince Pelagius instead arranged the marriage of Potema to Mantiarco.[3][7] In 3E 82, Uriel II died after 18 years of rule and was succeeded by his son, Pelagius, to whom he left many problems due to his poor management of the Empire's financial and judicial policies.[1][7][4][2]


  • Uriel II's great-grandson, Uriel III, was named after him.[7]