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Lore:The Druid Monoliths

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The Druid Monoliths
By renowned scholar and student of all cultures, Ignatius Galenus
A scholar's speculation on the druidic monoliths

From the records of my journeys across the druidic isles of the Systres Archipelago.

My venture has taken me to the Isle of Galen. I have seen only but a small fraction of what exists here, but one of the first sights I beheld were the large stone monuments of the druids. Sparsely decorated with carvings and etchings, many of which I can only guess as to their meaning, these stone pillars exude a reverence as powerful as anything I have experienced at a shrine or temple.

What do I make of the designs that adorn these massive stones? The spiral pattern decorating the first monolith I examined must be an indication of fertility, signifying the cyclical nature of life and the druid ideal of everything in its season. There is almost something sensual in the sweep and curve of the design.

Another etching features concentric circles that overlap to form a ring pattern. Power emanates from this carving, which I believe signifies the energy of the elements and how these forces come together to affect the world around us. Truly, I am amazed at how much information is conveyed in this simple yet meaningful design.

I am left wondering, though. Are these massive stones carved and decorated to impart a message? Or are they purely aesthetic and meant to bring pleasure to whoever views them? Or maybe they hold a religious significance? I must find druids who are willing to talk to me and explain the meaning of these mighty monoliths!

A few local druids listened politely as I explained my thoughts about their monoliths. In their eyes, I could see many things. Without a word, a connection was made. Then they only offered a shake of the head and left me to my own contemplations.

What a remarkable and fascinating culture the druids have created here.